Why Join?

Beeler.Tech is a connection and conversation platform. We work with companies in the digital media, adtech and martech worlds to identify underserved topics of discussion. We assemble focused working groups to establish best practices. It’s a form of crowdsourced consulting, training and personalized event development community.

Why wait for an event to meet with someone who may or may not be attending to discuss a topic you may not get the opportunity to discuss with them? Fast-track the conversations you need to drive your business.

Who is it for?

Not going to lie – we live mostly in the world of publisher ad operations, but agencies, brands and tech providers are members as well.  We see the conversation spilling out from ad ops into product, engineering, finance, marketing, content, creative and more. Not sure it’s for you? Ask us – we don’t overpromise on what we can deliver.

  • Access to conversations, curated and facilitated by Beeler.Tech.
  • Access to content: interviews, product reviews, training and training materials, etc.
  • Crowdsourced consulting: Work with your peers to help inform your strategy.
  • Professional development for you and your team.

Benefits and Pricing

Pricing has been set, but at this early stage we are not making it public information. There is a monthly subscription fee based on company type and the number of people to be included. Some training, consulting services and events may have additional costs. BTechNation Membership programs only available to applicants who give a company email address.

Join Beeler.Tech and you'll receive an invitation with pricing options to BTechNation.





Event Ideation Yes Yes Help make the conversations you need
Career Development Discussions Limited Includes exclusive content Both include an invitation to mentorship program
Ad Tech and Digital Media Discussions Yes Includes exclusive content
Training Materials and Development Yes Includes exclusive content Classes may include additional costs
BTechNation Slack Channel No Yes
Online and In-Person Events Limited Includes exclusive invitations Events may include additional costs
Job Listings Can access Can post jobs Job posting is part of membership
Member Profile Yes Can access directory
Pricing Free Based on company type

Beeler.Tech Join Now

Content Overview

  • Event Ideas
    • At its core, Beeler.Tech is about creating conversations, many of which should move beyond discussion boards and slack channels. We'll work with our members to create conference calls, webcasts and in-person events. Almost every week, an email will go out with new event ideas for members to help develop or register for.
  • Discussion Boards/Slack & Communities
    • Discussion boards will be topic focused and as the community grows, additional communities will be added. Beeler.Tech will add discussion topics almost every business day to help spur conversations. Beeler.Tech will also try to make sure user-submitted topics receive some form of a response. User-submitted topics may be added to the "incubator" and developed into an event!
  • Events and Training
    • Our approach is to try to develop events that can be supported by the BTechNation subscription. However, in-person events will tend to require additional costs. We will work with companies to help fund these events, but we do not create sponsorship-focused events. The volume of events – online and in-person – will vary month to month. Our goal is to get a topic specific call for BTechNation members on a weekly basis.
  • Content and Training Materials
    • Not only do we want to provide training, we want to provide training materials. Our goal is to help people train their people faster on their own when possible. The library of content at the time of launch (Fall 2018) will be minimal but will grow over time.


Laura BoodramThe excitement I felt when I talked to Rob about Beeler.Tech was equivalent to when when I found out there was a Super Target opening 3 miles from my house; I mean – it’s like one stop shopping in digital media, right?!.

Aptly branded a ‘community’, Beeler.Tech is a logic expansion and evolution of Rob’s unique ability to bring together people and conversations within the digital advertising and ad tech space. As an Ad Tech provider, it is incredibly important that we have trusted channels for communication with publishers and Rob continues to do just that.

Laura Boodram, VP Client Engagement at FatTail