It's not a live demo... unless something freezes - Weekly recap Jan 28th, 2019

By Rob Beeler posted 01-28-2019 13:32


Great week last week and this one is off to a great start.

Last week: We had a product walkthrough of Ad-Juster's ProgrammaticIQ. Here is the recording. Yes, Stuart's laptop freezes halfway through and I really could have made more for the opportunity. Next time, I'll have some jokes ready. 

The best part though were the questions – y'all brought it. That's what I love about this community. Thank you.

This week: I'm waking up on a Monday morning to see people signing up for RevOpEx in London. We're closing in on 60 and the sessions are starting to come together. 

For the London event, I'm working with Tom Bowman and his survey is going to be part of the results. Please help. Here are the details:

The 2019 Ad Ops Pro survey is uniquely designed to understand how  frontline advertising and revenue operations professionals view the year ahead: from common issues across the industry, to challenges and opportunities. It is being conducted by Colab Media Consulting in association with Beeler.Tech (in advance of their RevOpEx event taking place in London on 28th February) and FatTail who have kindly sponsored the section on revenue management solutions. The survey takes about 7 minutes to complete and all respondents will receive a summary of results. Your responses will remain anonymous without your explicit consent. We look forward to gathering your views! Please use this link:

Events and Events in the Works

Feb 12th, 12pm, Phoenix: Digital Media Open West – If you golf even half-way decently and will be at IAB ALM, you should go!
Feb 13th, 6pm, NYC: Beers, Ad Ops, & Ad Tech
February 27th, 1pm to 5pm, London: Beeler.Tech's London Leadership Forum 2019 - Join Bauer, Sky, IPG, JellyFish and more!
February 28th, 9am to 5pm, London: Beeler.Tech's London Rev Op Exchange 2019 - Join Discovery, Turner, Bloomberg, Expedia and more!
March 10th - 13th, Miami: AdMonsters Publisher Forum Miami - 2019 - Buy before the prices go up Feb 1st

Just added to the industry calendar events the Operative Event in Nashville. Check out the calendar. (The link in this newsletter works now!)

What's being discussed

For the moment, Slack is only for publishers and subscribed/paying tech companies. I owe some of you some information on this front. Honestly, still thinking about how I want to do this.

Featured Job Listings

Large influx of job listings, in part because they are free. If you want an email with all the listings, reply and I'll add you to that newsletter (goes out on Fridays). (need to post a job? FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY, JOB POSTINGS ARE FREE. Email me!)

People Seeking a New Job

Looking for a new opportunity? Provide me a paragraph about what you are looking for and hopefully we can help you make a connection. 

Job Seeker (#18): Eric Hill is an Ad Operations Professional & Digital Media Consultant looking for his next challenge in Chicago. A respected industry leader with 20+ years in management, product/service sales, account management, client services, product development, process improvement and content/creative strategy, Eric is eager for a change. With his broad-based experience in nearly every area of digital media; he is passionate about creating mutually beneficial partnerships that improve people's businesses and lives. Results-oriented team leader & member with a keen eye for efficiency and saving on the bottom line, he drives the organization forward with a never-ending stream of ideas and new learnings. Eric is a creative, resourceful, experienced professional with the communication skills and work ethic needed to develop an exceptional presence that is both functional and effective. A proven asset and leader to any organization. You can contact Eric via

Job Seeker (#19): This Greater New York City based individual has a background that includes senior ad technology roles at a large publisher. She has worked in digital her entire career, with 20 years experience. This individual has extensive experience working with internal teams and external partners. She managed a team of ad technologists that supported operations, multiple brands, platforms, and products. For her next move she is looking to continue her career in a role focused within operations and ad technology.

Hiring? Reply and I'll share with you who I know is looking (anonymously) and subscribe you to that newsletter.

Beeler Out.