Available Training Programs

The Beeler.Tech website is really about collaborating as a community to provide training and training materials. Join and help shape the training you or your colleagues need. In addition to the website, the following training opportunities are available. 

Ad Operations Management Workshop

The Ad Operations Management Workshop focuses on the people skills of ad tech and not the tech itself. With a small class size and multiple instructors, the workshop is tailored to the attendees so they leave with action items specific to their current role and career aspirations.  The class is designed based on 20 years of experience in publisher ad operations, but we believe the information shared will apply to operations-focused people who work in the digital media space, including advertising agencies, publisher and/or those in adtech. We also feel the content of the class will apply to ad operations people working in programmatic only environments. To the best of our ability, instruction will be differentiated based on the individuals signed up and their particular goals for taking the class. Past classes were hosted in New York and Los Angeles.

The next Ad Operations Management Workshop has not been scheduled. Contact to express your interest in an in-person or online version of the class.

Brand Safety for Media Professionals
The course covers how brand safety is under attack from multiple directions and how legitimate companies unknowingly contribute to the problem. Fake news, malware, fraud, privacy and viewability are among the topics covered. Outsourcing brand safety to partners isn’t enough, and the workshop will get into specific tactics used to protect one’s own brand or a client’s brand online. Here is the full day agenda.

The next Brand Safety for Media Professionals Class has not been scheduled.Contact to express your interest in an in-person or online version of the class.

Custom Training & Recommendations
Beeler.Tech works with subject matter experts to provide custom training solutions.Contact for more information.