Mentor Program

We have launched a mentorship program. We believe many people in this industry  want to help others and share their experiences. There is also a lot of promising talent that can use some help.

Technically it's a mentorship/coaching program. Mentor programs done well are very structured. Our hope is to get people with actual mentorship experience involved to bring that structure to the program over time. However, we believe that most people will offer to coach people which is less of a commitment and very situational.

Anyone in digital media, ad tech or mar tech are free to participate. We look to match people based on interest and to some extent geography.

For those not matched, we will be producing content for helping people grow their careers. This may include organizing online and in-person panels to answer questions. By applying, you are helping us figure out where to go with this.

UPDATE: A number of beta testers are working on the platform for the launch of the 2019 ad tech mentor program. Join now to learn more.

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