What is Beeler.Tech

About Beeler.Tech and BTechNation

Beeler.Tech is a company founded by Rob Beeler to rethink how consulting, training and events can better serve individuals and companies in the digital media space. The premise of this site is that peer-to-peer connections focused on specific issues in the proper environment will create the information people need to grow their careers, develop their departments and bring success to their companies. The website is the platform to facilitate those connections and develop content and events based on topics not properly served through traditional channels. BTechNation is the paid subscription section of Beeler.Tech, offering exclusive content and services.

All of this is to say that Beeler.Tech is an extension of what Rob Beeler has been doing his whole career: connecting people, creating conversations and helping bring efficiency to digital media and ad tech.

About Rob Beeler

Emcees Like No Other

Nine years and still going strong, Rob emcees all AdMonsters events and is involved in the content and direction of the AdMonsters brand, providing the best resource for Ad Operations Professionals in the industry. He's often asked to emcee other digital media/ad tech events.

Trains the Next Ad Tech Rockstars

Part coach, copilot, consultant and consigliere, Beeler.Tech is helping the people of ad tech reach the next level. From classes to bespoke one-on-one sessions, it's time to invest in the people of the ad tech world and not just the technology.

Spearheads Industry-Changing Research

Knowing all the players helps to collect the necessary information and ask the right questions to create the research needed to help move the industry forward.

Widely known as the Content Czar of AdMonsters for the past 10 years, Rob now plays the role of The Chairman, emceeing AdMonsters events, advising the brand and contributing content. Rob is also founder of Beeler.Tech offering training, research and consulting services to the digital media community. He’s been either doing ad operations or talking about it for over 20 years having started at Advance Internet as the only Ad Operations person and developed a department of 15 people in 8 locations across the country responsible for operations, project management, business development, web analytics and financial reporting, becoming Executive Director of Ad Operations and Analytics in early 2007.


Chairman of AdMonsters

Responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive content strategy for AdMonsters' industry-leading conferences. Leading AdMonsters' efforts in becoming a comprehensive resource for the online advertising operations community.

Managing Editor for Market Research for The 614 Group

As the Managing Editor for Market Research for The 614 Group, Rob brings his 20 years of experience in digital media and ad tech to help organizations better understand the marketplace and position their products accordingly and deliver those concepts through 3rd party created original content pieces

Lead Contributing Writer for AdTechVillage

Rob Beeler is lead contributing writer for AdTechVillage, a new community on MediaVillage focused on all things digital ad technology.

Other Relationships of Note:

  • Editorial advisor and community contributor to Sovrn.
  • Assisting Atlantic Leap in helping companies expand into new markets.
  • Informal advisor to Industry Index on their launch of PubMonitor product.


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Crowdsourcing is an oft-overused term, but in the world of Digital Ad Operations, it's a reality--it's the primary way the industry transfers knowledge. No one person that I've met in 17+ years of working in Ad Ops personifies this connectivity more than Rob Beeler. It's not six degrees of Beeler, it's at most two. He is extremely knowledgable on the broad range of industry topics, is passionate about exploring solutions, and then, most importantly, has a unique way of unifying disparate groups of people, connecting them, and fostering the "it's us as a community" mentality that has been critical to my team's success at the PGA TOUR, me personally, and just about everyone else that works in the space. - Raef Godwin, VP, Revenue Operations at PGA TOUR Digital.